Meet Vincent

Adoption Announcement – 9/2/2016

Happy News…Vincent has been adopted and has a new nickname!

Vincent’s new mom and dad, Rachel and Kevin, love Senor Whopper Pants, aka. Vincent. Vincent made his interest pretty obvious when he went straight to Kevin and head-butted his leg for petting when Rachel and Kevin visited the cats at the Welcome Center.

While on his pre-adoption visit, Senor W made himself right at home. He didn’t lose his appetite after the move, has been curious and explorative since Day 2, and has been sleeping with us (well, Kevin) since about Day 5 (after which we discovered he is an early riser (5-ish) and wants everyone else to get up too). He plays with toys by himself and with us, enjoys sitting in windowsills looking outside, and LOVES belly rubs. He loves to cuddle with Kevin and sleeps on the bed at night. Kevin is thrilled to have his own cat. Senor W is trying hard to be friends with his 3 new sisters. They are tolerating him more each day. Senor W is being good, keeps his distance, and is letting the girls set the tone for time together.

Safe Place is thrilled for Vincent, and his new family. He has his own human again, and his human is thrilled to have him. We thank Cook Veterinary Hospital for their excellent care of Vincent while in our program. We thank Shandra and the Safe Place volunteers for Vincent’s Safe Place Snuggly. He is enjoying it as well, as it is in his cat bed.

Adoption Bio

Hi there! I’m looking for a new home, and thought I’d introduce myself to you. My name is Vincent, and I am a 5-year-old neutered male Domestic Shorthair. I’m pretty handsome, if I do say so myself, with my silver-black tabby coat. The doc said that I should lose a few pounds, and I suppose I could really use a bit of a diet. But hey! I’m big boned. Seriously though, I’m a friendly fellow. I like to be petted and loved, and I’m really easygoing. I’ve only been here at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center for a few days, and I’m already making myself quite at home. As for my background, my first family was a military (whatever THAT means!) family, and they were going to have to move. I was kind of scared about that, so my mom said that I could come and live with her. She already had two other cats and some dogs for me to play with, so how could I resist? I’m really sorry that she had to leave me, and would love to find another family. Maybe you have a cat or dog that I could play with and would make room for me in your heart too? Please come and let me introduce myself in person!

Adoption Date: 9/2/2016 

Intake Date: 4/19/2016 

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