Meet Zephyr

Adoption Date: 7/17/2017

Intake Date: 5/20/2017

Adoption Announcement – 7/17/2017

Hello, everyone – it’s me, Zephyr!  Well, it’s official…I have found my forever home!!

You may remember I was very sad after my mom passed away, but now I am overjoyed (check our my smile in the family photo!!)!  When I first came to meet my new family, they were a bit cautious because they have cats, including 18 year old Grace, and they wanted to ensure I wouldn’t chase, hurt or stress them out – especially Grace.  Lucky for us all, I am quite the gentleman and have good manners!  The family is very happy that I am so respectful of the cats, but after all, they were here first and they are allowing me to live here!!

In addition to the cats, I also have a new Chihuahua friend, Dingo, that stays with my family sometimes.  At first, Dingo was very annoyed about me being in “her” space with “her” people and she let me know it!  But, I reacted very calmly and my charm eventually won her over and it’ll be fun to have her around when she visits!

While I love every member of the family dearly, I’ve bonded very closely with my new human sister, Cameron.  In fact, my dad says Cameron is always “hogging” me, which I love!  It makes sense though – she’s the one who saw my picture online, talked to her family about me and then contacted Safe Place for Pets.  We definitely have a mutual admiration for one another…she lets me sleep with her (just like my mom used to!), she feeds me and she likes to walk and play with me and all the fun new squeaky toys and Nylabones they bought me!  I’m not going to like it when “school” starts again because we will be separated all day, but I’ll get to go to “work” with mom and dad some days so that’ll be fun!  I absolutely LOVE living here with everyone and am so grateful to everyone who helped me!!

Thank you so much to Zephyr’s previous family and the Safe Place foster for caring for him until we found his amazing new family and home!!  Thank you also to Cook Veterinary Hospital (wonderful Safe Place partner) for ensuring his great health!  Everyone at Safe Place for Pets wishes Zephyr and his family many incredible years together!  Thanks also to the Safe Place volunteers for making Zephyr’s snuggly fleece blanket with pictures of both cats and dogs on it!

Adoption Bio – 5/20/2017

Hello, I’m Zephyr! I’m a 4 year old, male, neutered Chihuahua mix (possibly with Corgi?) and I weigh 17lbs. I was adopted from the humane society about a year ago by the nicest mommy – she even took me to some obedience classes where I was told I was so smart and did very well. Sadly, my mommy passed away and now I’m seeking a new forever home! I’m told I’m very cute, very loving, and being young, I still have tons of energy though I can settle down and chew on my favorite Nylabone and be calm. My human brothers think I could use a little work to keep from jumping up on people and while I know how to use my doggie door to go outside, if it’s super cold sometimes I don’t – can you blame me?! I just need a little work and I’ll be an amazing companion! I really like my Golden Retriever doggie friend and am pretty tolerable of the resident cat so I should be okay with other pets. I can be a little “nervous” and will run in circles sometimes so I might do better with older children, but we’d have to see! I would love a family to cuddle with and to take me for walks!

If you think I’d be a good match for you, please contact Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201 or info@safeplacepets.org!! Looking forward to meeting you so you can see in person how great I am!!

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