Wellness Program for Pets

SP4P is pleased to announce the Wellness Program is being funded by a grant from John G. Duncan Charitable Trust!

Allow us to assist you in caring for your pet in the comfort of your home.

Our Wellness Program for Pets offers preventative well care services and financial assistance if needed, to owners who are facing a terminal illness. Our focus is to provide comfort and assurance for both pet and owner by working together to support the pet's health and wellness needs. This program aims to help pet and owner remain together at home longer while the owner is facing an end-of-life illness.

Our program provides the following services:

  • Routine vet wellness visits (exam, vaccinations, dental cleaning, blood work, medications, etc.)
  • Grooming and nail trims
  • Dog walking
  • Food, litter, licenses
  • Supplies, such as collars, leashes, crates

See our program brochure here for more information.

Contact us by filling out an inquiry form, at 719-359-0201 or to learn more about our Wellness Program for Pets.