Hello, my name is Kiki, and I am here at Safe Place for Pets in search of a new forever home. I am a 10 pound,  10 1/2-year-old female-spayed seal-point Siamese mix with claws. I may be a mix (my two sisters were Oriental Shorthairs), but you’d never know it to look – or listen! – to me. I look like a typical seal Point, although I have some pretty mottling on my face and cheeks. And like most Siamese, I’m a chatterbox. My uncle swears that he can distinctly hear me say ‘naaooo’ or ‘yesssss’ 😹.  One Siamese trait that I really, really wish I didn’t  have is the stereotypical Siamese ‘cross-eyedness’, which makes me quite nearsighted and unable to see very far. Unfortunately, it makes me rather shy and timid.  I still like to snuggle though, and I loved my mom dearly. She died a while ago, and although he loves me, his cat hates me and bullies me, so I spend all my time under Mom’s bed. That has made me even more shy and very unhappy. So as hard as it is for him, my uncle has decided that I will do better in a new furever home 😿.   

One unusual thing about me that I’ll mention before I go is the story of how Mom found me and how I got my name. Mom and her sister used to love to go to garage sales, and one day one of the sales had ‘garage kittens’! That of course was me and my sisters. Mom fell immediately in love with me and her sister fell in love with one of my sisters. So two sisters brought home two sisters!  😹  As far as my name is concerned, Mom and my uncle were joking around about what to call me, and the decided that Kiki sounded like a toddler trying to say “kitty kitty” but not quite getting the ‘Ts’ right. So Kiki I became! 

If you think you might like to come meet me and see if we hit it off, you can call Safe Place for Pets at (719) 359-0201 or email them at  They will be happy to set up a time for us to meet!  I’d sure like to find a nice quiet home where I can feel safe to snuggle and be loved.