Minnie came to Safe Place with her brother and sister, Louis & Kitty. These adorable littermates came to us in early September after their owner died following a long illness. During the last year of her life she was constantly in and out of the hospital , leaving the cats alone and frightened. Her sister did all she could, but the chaos was terribly difficult for the cats. The owner died alone, so they were subjected to the invasion of police, firefighters, and the coroner, which terrified them.

When they first came to us, they were extremely shy, huddling in the far back of their cubbies, all in one kitty condo if possible. But since then they have become more social and are showing us their personalities. They love each other very much, but do not appear to be bonded, so should be able to go to separate homes. They have been indoor cats all their lives. They were raised with two midsized dogs, but have never been exposed to children.

Hi there, my turn! I’m Minnie, and I’m an 8.1-pound black domestic shorthair with claws. I’ve always been the most social of the three of us and was probably the least affected by the past year. I never went into hiding, although I did love to crawl under the comforter on Mom’s bed. We all slept with Mom, and since I like to be under cover so to speak, it was a comforting place to be. Despite being more outgoing though, I was still kind of scared and shy when I first came to the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center. But now that I have my paws back under me I’m starting to feel more like my old self. As I said, I like being covered, so I spend a lot of time inside a pillow case underneath its pillow. I gave the Safe Place folks a scare or two at first when they couldn’t find me, but they’re on to me now. I also like to be up high, and spend a lot of time in the cat teepees on top of the kennels where I can both be inside a cave and still watch everything that happens. That’s great! I also love it when someone comes up to my condo and says hello. That means that I get to be the center of attention and get some petting, which I adore. Unlike Kitty and Louis, I will sometimes jump down in a lap to snuggle. Won’t you consider taking me home and making it a wonderful October for both of us?