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Meet Tucker: Hi, I'm Tucker....a wonderful 10 year old, 40 lb. male Beagle. Are you looking for an older gentleman, with spunk, who loves everyone and everything? My tail? almost never stops wagging.

I'm a great guy if I do say so myself. I like humans of all ages, cats and dogs. I've even seen deer at my foster home. I did greet them with a hearty bark. I'm a calm guy at home, who enjoys being a couch, er chair potato. If you are relaxing, so am I. TV--count me in! I also love soft squeaky toys you might find me walking around with one of those in my mouth, laying with one in my mouth or near by, or carefully pulling the squeaky out of a new one. If there is a toy available, it will be mine. I like having several to choose from.

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I love going for a walk, short or long, it doesn't matter. I love being out and using my nose to see who has been there before me. I'm good on leash. If a particularly good scent catches my attention, I may be a little slower to leave that spot. I will sometimes greet another dog with a bark, but usually I just need a sniff. Recently I went snow swimming. That's where I'm up to my neck in snow....I loved it!

I've learned to sit on command, and sit before my breakfast and dinner are provided. I can also sit for treats. I'm learning to shake, but I don't have that mastered yet. I love a backyard. I like to go outside via the doggie door. I learned how to use that on my first day. I might take my toy out and bury it, or I'll just walk around, or take up a nice spot and lay down.

I'm glad that I have another dog at home, because I used to live with one. This guy is calm, and that is good for me. I'd like to be in a home where there is another dog that I can be with. At my foster home, the resident dog and I enjoy barking at the garbage men and the mailman. This is normal, right? And my other excitement is when my foster parents come home. I like to give them a hearty greeting. I don't like to get too carried away, or they'd think I really like it there. I do, but I want to find my new forever home. Could that be with you?

Please call Safe Place for Pets @ 719-359-0201 or email them at to inquire about me. I'll be patiently waiting for us to find each other.

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We love getting updates on pets that have been rehomed through Safe Place. You can read some of the latest updates on our Success Stories page.

To make an appointment to visit our cats at the Welcome Center at 1141 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80929, please call (719) 359-0201, currently open by appointment only.

Ready to volunteer? SP4P is a 100% volunteer organization and we are always in need of amazing volunteers like you! We have the following opportunities available: Development Chair, Volunteer Coordinator, Social Media Guru, Strategic Planning Chair, Welcome Center Coordinator and Facility Manager and many more volunteer openings. (Must be 18 years or older to volunteer unless accompanied by an adult.)

Safe Place for Pets is celebrating 21 years!

For 21 years we've been helping the pets of the terminally ill find new loving homes and families to call their own.

As the terminally ill individual lays dying, or has passed on, their pets are often left to grieve, sometimes quietly, other times boisterously. Our goal is to help that pet through the grief, ensure the pet is healthy, and ready to find a new home and family.

A pet's grief can be severe (as can a human's). They grieve losing the one they love most, sometimes their brother and sister pets, their home, and the consistency of their routine of life. We work to provide a new, safe home and family for our pets. We work with our potential adopters to find the best fit for our pets. We love it when a new family unit is created.

Safe Place for Pets (SP4P) works with the terminally ill individual, and when they are no longer available, with family, friends, and/or legal representation who have been left behind. We have touched a lot of lives in our 21 years, both human and animal. SP4P thanks all of our past and present volunteers, supporter, pet partners, and donors. Without you, none of what we do would be possible. We are grateful for you.

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